my background

I come from an artistic family. But one was not supposed to go into arts. So I’ve worked in the advertising and marketing business for a long time. In the evenings I studied ceramic art. A few years ago I became a part time painter. Working three days and painting two days. And I loved it! Since then I do both, painting and making ceramic art.


When I am painting I don’t doubt. To accomplish that it is necessary to be tuned in and to keep my mind clear. I work from intuition. A dialogue between my work and the painter inside me appears on the paper. I’m blessed with tons of inspiration, mostly from images I see in nature. Like heavy rain on the canals in Amsterdam. It strikes me that the raindrops do form such a beautiful geometric pattern. Like the bare branches of the trees in winter. When the sun stands low they make intriguing shadows on the ground. What I like most when painting is to give expression of life inside me. It doesn’t have to become a “right” form, it is that what lives inside me. Usually a title appears when I’m painting.
I can paint very concentrated for a long period of time. My biggest challenge is to know when to stop. It’s always a struggle to stop in time and not continue painting until it’s too late. And that what was there has been gone. That does require a free mindset and a state of mind where one has no expectation about the outcome. A painting doesn’t have to be perfect, although when it does come out perfect it’s nice.
A painting just is and when it reflects my state of being, I can decide it is finished. A job done.

my work

My work can have strong graphic elements but it can also be very fluent.
I work in Holland in “the werkplaats, a space for learning” by Erik Lemmens.

my favourite painters

Joan Mitchell, Gerhard Richter, Anne-laure Djaballah, Seymour Boardman, Joan Snyder, Albert Oehlen, Georgia O’Keeffe, Cy Twombly, Omar Koubaa, Kandinsky, Constant, Peter Doig and Gijs Frieling. And ofcourse Theo Wolvecamp.